Highway construction is a dynamic industry that plays a significant component in the quality and safety of our road systems. Both the asphalt and construction industries have made tremendous strides within technology and with this advancement brings opportunities for lifelong careers and employment.

Whether you’re building a road, parking lot, or airport runway; improving infrastructure provides construction professionals the satisfaction of building something significant for the community and state.

If you are a high-school student, recent graduate, or mid-career professional; the asphalt industry just may be the place where you find your niche. While Road Crews and Laborers are vital assets within paving; careers in this particular industry are not limited to road work. Highway construction heavily relies on Asphalt Plant Managers, Mechanics, Technologists, Human Resources, Safety Inspectors, Administrators, Accountants, and Engineers. All of whom play critical roles in building and maintaining the roads we travel on every day!

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