Our Core Values

At CWR Contracting, we understand a company is only as good as its employees, and employees are only as good as the core values a company holds. We stand firm in our values and hold our staff to the highest standards, delivering excellence in all we do.


We are a safety-first construction company.

We believe that safety starts at the top and nothing is more important than protecting our workers. We know that without safety, there can be no success. This principle is at the heart of our culture and guides everything we do.


We respect our people and the environment in every connection we make.

We firmly believe that respect is key to success both in our relationships with others and in our stewardship of the environment. From the materials we produce to the relationships we build, everything we do is done with respect for our people and our environment.


We may be in the construction business, but family is our foundation.

From the way we treat our employees to the way we serve our clients, family is the foundation of our business. Our workforce is more than just employees; they are a part of our extended family and that’s something we’ll never lose sight of.


We aim high in investing for employees to succeed.

Our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and success so that they can build a life for themselves and their families.


We strive to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Excellence is embedded in our culture, driving us to continuously learn, grow, and excel. We are committed to continuous improvement, setting high standards, and going above and beyond to achieve excellence in every project we build.