CWR Contracting offers a range of services throughout Florida, serving businesses, communities, and all those who travel within the state.

Asphalt Paving

CWR Contracting uses the latest equipment and technology to deliver smooth and durable routes.

Asphalt Plants, Liquid Asphalt Terminal, & Concrete Plant

CWR Contracting is a leading hot-mix asphalt producer and a reliable provider of construction materials.

Airport Runway Construction

CWR Contracting improves the infrastructure of Florida airports to better serve the needs of our state.

Federal USACE and DOD

CWR Contracting serves government agencies with an emphasis on quality and safety.

Residential and Commercial Sitework

CWR Contracting completes the whole site work development scope, building solid foundations for communities.

Highway and Road Construction

CWR Contracting improves critical roadways and understands the need for reliable highway infrastructure.

Subdivision/Parking Lot Maintenance & Reconstruction

CWR Contracting offers asphalt paving and construction operations that cover all aspects of paving.