March 7th – 14th is Women in Construction week!

The construction industry has historically been dominated by men, but in asphalt construction, women are making their mark. More women continue to join the industry, playing an integral role in safety and maintenance of our roads. We’re using this week to celebrate all the hard-working women in the asphalt industry —from laborers to engineers to operators.


First up, Susie Alvarez, Quality Control Technician – Panama City Division!

Susie started her career at CWR in April of 2020. As the Quality Control Technician, she is responsible for the testing and inspection of both road construction and concrete materials. She also examines and analyses density and pipe depths. Susie ensures that the paved base material meets job specifications while guaranteeing that CWR meets straight edge smoothness requirements. Her colleagues say that you will always find Susie wearing pink with a big smile on her face!